metallic semi truck driving on road in pasadena txTruck underride accidents are terrifying. Not only do they lead to death and devastating injuries, but they are also completely preventable when truck companies follow guidelines and safety measures. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. It’s important to be on high alert when sharing the road with a big rig and to also understand why hiring an experienced Pasadena TX truck accident attorney to help you or a loved one recover financially can be beneficial.

What Are The Truck Underride Accidents That Occur in Texas?

Truck underride accidents occur when a smaller passenger vehicle becomes trapped beneath a large semi-truck. This usually happens between a typical passenger vehicle and a big rig or semi-truck. There are two different types of underride accidents:

Side Collisions

This type of underride accident usually happens when a truck driver makes a turn or a lane change. A truck driver must trust that cars can see him coming, as big rigs do not have perfect visibility. However, there are many instances where this isn’t the case. According to our experienced Pasadena truck accident attorney, night visibility can make it difficult to spot a turning semi-truck, and unless a swift reaction is able to avoid catastrophe, there can be serious injury or even death. In the instance of an underride side collision, the car will become trapped underneath the side of the trailer.

Rear Collisions

Rear collisions occur when a vehicle rear-ends a larger one. The bigger the truck, the longer it takes for them to accelerate. This can cause a standard car to miscalculate the speed a truck is traveling and can result in an accident. The car can become trapped under the rear of the trailer.

In both types of truck underride accidents, the impact can be severe. A truck is capable of shearing the roof off of a car, which can seriously injure or even kill the passengers.

Common Injuries That Can Occur in Pasadena 

Due to the size difference between a car and an 18-wheeler, the car will almost always be the one more damaged. A car will often be totaled from an underride accident, and it can also lead to incredibly serious injuries for its passengers. Death is not uncommon, mostly due to the fact that the place of impact is usually at chest or neck height and can even cause decapitation.

Those who survive an underride accident can sustain many different injuries, including:

If a truck underride accident doesn’t kill its victims, it can leave them with permanent, life-altering injuries.

Underride accidents are also devastating emotionally. Going through the process of recovering damages can be arduous, especially because the defendant in the case is not always clear. While the truck driver might be at fault, various others can be held liable, including the truck company, manufacturer, or maintenance mechanic.

Most commercial semi-trucks are required by federal law to have sturdy underride guards in place to prevent these kinds of devastating accidents. If you were injured or a loved one was killed because a truck did not have an underride guard or the guard failed to withstand the impact of your vehicle, our legal team can hold the driver and the trucking company accountable for your losses.

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