How Texas Trucking Companies Can Make Their Vehicles Safer truck driver sitting in drivers seat with hand on steering wheel

From driverless cars to motion-sensing brakes, automakers are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and make their vehicles safer. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the trucking industry, our Pasadena Texas truck accident lawyer says, as they are taking much longer to implement such changes.

What Is Being Done?

From 2009 to 2016, the number of fatal semi-truck accidents stayed the same or rose every single year. Trucking accidents are common due to the unfortunate working conditions these truckers have to deal with, including:

  • A shortage of truckers
  • Limited space in trailers
  • Harsh deadlines
  • Long hours

To combat these dangers, trucking companies have attempted to put technology in place to increase road safety. There are new features in some of the large trucks on the road, such as sensors to help prevent swerving. However, there are no real studies out yet to prove whether or not these sensors have helped prevent accidents.

What Features Are Currently on Commercial Trucks?

Some of the most commonly seen safety features that have been implemented on large trucks include:

  • Blindspot detection
  • Lane-swerve detection
  • Forward video display
  • Automatic emergency brakes
  • Electronic stability control

What Features Are in the Works?

With the rate that technology is advancing, it’s hard to say what features trucking companies may roll out next. However, there are currently many trucking companies that are considering using systems that track motion around the vehicle and have the ability to apply the brakes if a threat is suspected. This system is known as a forward-collision mitigation system, and some companies currently use this system. Again, there are no studies out explaining how much value these systems have had in preventing accidents.

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With only 40% of trucking companies using some form of advanced road safety device, it’s safe to say there is plenty of room for improvement. However, the cost of upgrading is keeping many companies from doing so. The unfortunate truth is, many trucking companies are too busy focusing on their short-term profits to invest in the future and the safety of those on the road.

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