Most freight in the United States is moved by trucks, many of them very large and very heavy. Just size alone often makes a truck driver's job difficult and dangerous. When an accident occurs involving a large truck, sheer size alone often accounts for fatalities and heavy damage.

However, most truck drivers manage to move freight on crowded highways and narrow streets without accident or incident. How do they do it? What rules does the safe truck driver follow to make the job safer for everyone on the road?

Safe Trucking Rules


A long haul is almost always certain to make a driver sleepy, which may mean slow reaction time, which often results in a driver's reaction much like that of someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The safe driver follows the regulations regarding how much sleep time is required between driving shifts. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the hours of commercial drivers in the United States, including hours behind the wheel and length of rest periods.

Distance and Space

The safe driver doesn't forget that a heavy truck may take a long time to stop, which means that following too closely behind another vehicle sets the stage for an accident. Space is also important and can be critical because of the blind spots involved with driving a truck. If you can't see a truck driver in the reflection of their side mirrors, you are most likely in their blind spot meaning they can't see you, so keep a safe distance apart. Truck blind spots are also called “no-zones.”


The size of large trucks causes blind spots that are larger than those for drivers of cars. Safe truck drivers make sure that they make stopping or turning signals in plenty of time to let other drivers know what they are about to do.

Alcohol and Drugs

Truck drivers are tested for alcohol and drug use. Safe drivers do neither on the road, realizing that failing such a test may mean losing their job.

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