Pasadena accident lawyer for Texas truck wreckIf you find yourself in an accident involving a commercial truck, you are likely feeling very overwhelmed. 18-wheelers are so much larger than the standard vehicle that the driver rarely walks away without either injury or a totaled car. Despite all of the emotions you might be feeling, it’s important to be proactive and take the right steps following the accident to protect yourself and any claim you might have for damages. Below, our Pasadena truck accident lawyer has listed five common mistakes you should do your best to avoid after a truck wreck in Texas.

1) Failing to Seek Medical Treatment

Following a truck wreck in Texas, you should always seek medical treatment. According to our experienced Pasadena truck accident lawyer, even if you walk away from the accident and feel fine in the immediate future, you should still go to the hospital. Sometimes, there are injuries that cannot be felt right away. These can be detected by a medical examination and perhaps save you pain and suffering later on. You also need medical documentation if you pursue damages. The more evidence you have of any injury caused by the accident, the better your case.

2)Not Calling the Police

The police should always be called after any truck areck in Texas—especially one involving a commercial semi or 18-wheeler. The police will collect witness statements, take photos of the damage, and create a report that can be an essential tool in a lawsuit against a trucking company or driver. Official police statements carry more weight than those of the drivers involved.

3) Not Collecting Contact Information

Although you’ll be shaken up, you should try your best to maintain composure and collect relevant information. Even if the police come, there are some facts you should also gather on your own. These include:

  • Names and contact information of the other driver
  • Name of trucking company
  • License plate number and DOT numbers on the truck
  • Driver’s license and insurance information

It is also a good idea to take photos of any damage to either your car or the truck, any signs or traffic signals, as well as preserving as much evidence as possible, and make note of anything else notable from the scene of the accident prior to leaving it.

4) Speaking Too Openly About the Accident

According to our Pasadena truck accident lawyer, anything you say about the accident can and will be used against you if the case goes to court. Take caution when posting things on social media or sharing your experience and/or opinions with too many people.

5) Not Contacting an Experienced Pasadena Truck Accident Lawyer Right Away

Following medical treatment, the next step should always be to contact an experienced Pasadena truck accident lawyer. Working with an injury attorney early on can help you avoid costly mistakes that can affect your case. At SJ Injury Attorneys, we specialize in collision cases related to truck wrecks in Texas and are able to help guide you through the entire litigation process. Contact us today to start your journey toward receiving the compensation you deserve.

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