non-subscriber workplace injury claim in TexasYou might be tempted to represent yourself in a case against your employer after you have suffered an injury at work. If you work for a non-subscriber employer—that is, an employer who does not participate in the workers’ compensation program—you may need to go to court in order to receive compensation for your non-subscriber workplace injury claim in Texas.

We get it. The idea of fighting for yourself and emerging victorious has a lot of appeal.

Forgive us for injecting a dose of reality but, while you certainly can represent yourself, the smart play is to hire an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney to help with your non-subscriber workplace injury claim.

The Benefits of Having an Attorney for Your Non-Subscriber Workplace Injury Claim in Texas

Unless your injury was minor and required little to no time away from work, the odds are good that hiring an attorney will be a beneficial move. That’s because a non-subscriber workplace injury claim can be quite complicated.

An experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney can help you gather evidence to prove your employer’s negligence. Your attorney has the experience necessary to handle disputes with an insurance adjuster. And a personal injury attorney can help make sure you don’t undervalue the amount to which you are entitled.

Non-subscriber claims in Texas can include a variety of complexities—especially when your injuries are serious, you have a pre-existing condition in the same part of your body that was injured in the incident at work, or a third party (that is, someone other than your employer) is at least partially responsible for your injuries.

An attorney has the experience and expertise necessary to overcome each obstacle as it arises so that you are fairly compensated.

Let’s Us Carry the Day for You

In the end, the most important thing in a non-subscriber workplace injury claim in Texas is that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled. You are far more likely to achieve that goal if you have a Pasadena personal injury attorney by your side.

Our personal injury lawyers of SJ Injury Attorneys are ready to fight for you. Contact us right away to discuss your non-subscriber employer workplace injury case.