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A non-subscriber employer is a workplace that does not provide workers’ compensation benefits. While that is not an ideal situation, if you are hurt on the job, you still have options. Chief among them is choosing to file a lawsuit against your employer. This lawsuit will seek compensation for your injuries since you were not compensated via workers’ compensation.

But like all lawsuits, you are going to need to have solid evidence on your side. What sort of documentation should you be gathering?

A List of Helpful Evidence

It is in your interest to have the best possible documentation of what happened and why. Here are some things that can help you build your case:

  • The incident report. Many companies—including non-subscriber employers—require some paperwork whenever someone is hurt on the job. Even if it isn’t required, you should file an incident report so that you can establish that you were hurt at work and made your employer aware of your injury. Keep a copy for yourself.
  • Medical and employment records. You will need to demonstrate the extent of your injuries as well as a sense of the amount you have lost in wages and other benefits.
  • Documents and witness statements. Photographs, videos, items that were damaged in the incident, and more can provide key documentation of the event. Similarly, statements from coworkers or others who saw what happened can be foundational to your case.
  • The testimony of expert witnesses. There are a number of different kinds of experts who may be able to help explain the full extent of what happened, why it happened, and what the consequences to you were.

Seem Overwhelming? An Attorney Can Help

While you might have some photos on your phone and access to the original incident report, it might seem difficult to obtain any of the other things listed above. After all, you probably don’t know any expert witnesses, right?

Fortunately, your attorney can help you gather up everything you need—and they can make sure each and every document, photo, and expert work together to tell the full story of your injuries and their consequences.

Call on the Lawyers of SJ Injury Attorneys

At SJ Injury Attorneys, we have the expertise you need on your side when filing a lawsuit against a non-subscriber employer. If you have been hurt on the job and workers’ compensation isn’t available, you should reach out to us right away for a free consultation.

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