The odds are pretty good that your current employer doesn’t have a large, flashy sign in the lobby announcing, “You work for a non-subscriber employer.”

But sign or no sign, you need to know whether your employer has worker’s compensation coverage or is, instead, a non-subscriber employer in Pasadena, TX. If they are the latter, you may have to file a lawsuit in order to collect compensation after a workplace accident.

It may take a little digging, but you should be able to determine whether you work for a non-subscriber employer by looking in a few key places.

Where to Look in Order to Determine if You Work for a Non-Subscriber Employer

  • do I work for a non-subscriber employer?Posted notifications: Remember how we suggested that a large, flashy sign might be helpful? Well, you are unlikely to find one of those, but if your employer has opted out of providing workers’ compensation, they are actually required to post a written notice to that effect. The trouble is that not everyone complies—or puts the sign in an obvious place.
  • Your contract, manual, or list of policies: Any paperwork you signed or were given as part of your hiring process is a good place to look for information about how your employer deals with injuries in the workplace.
  • The Division of Workers’ Compensation website: If your employer does have workers’ compensation coverage, you can confirm it on the Texas Department of Insurance Division of Workers’ Compensation website. If your employer doesn’t appear there, it is likely a non-subscriber employer.

If You Have Been Injured on the Job, We Can Help

The personal injury lawyers of SJ Injury Attorneys in Pasadena, TX, can advocate for you if you have been injured on the job and your employer doesn't subscribe to Texas workers' compensation insurance. We can help you collect the documentation you may need to demonstrate the extent of your injuries and losses and see your case through to the end.

If your employer is a non-subscriber, you should absolutely subscribe to the idea that an experienced personal injury attorney is your best option for getting the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been hurt on the job, contact our Pasadena personal injury lawyers today.