Calculating Pan and Suffering Damages in TexasThe phrase “pain and suffering” comes up frequently in legal proceedings involving personal injury. Under the law, a person who is injured may be entitled to be compensated for the pain and suffering they experience as a result of the injury. 

But the phrase is pretty vague, right? How do courts in Texas decide how much you should be compensated for your pain and suffering after a car accident?

Calculating Pain and Suffering in Texas

In Texas, pain and suffering includes:

  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional suffering

That means that a person who can document pain from physical injuries and/or the development or worsening of mental health disorders can claim compensation for their suffering from the party found to be at fault for causing the pain.

As experienced Texas car accident attorneys, we know a number of different factors can figure into the calculation of pain and suffering, including:

  • The immediate pain a person experiences after the injury
  • The pain caused by essential medical treatment for the injury
  • Chronic pain resulting from the injury
  • Emotional and/or mental trauma that results from the injury or incident—including symptoms consistent with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Reduction in overall quality of life—including the hampering of normal activities—as a result of the injury or incident

After a Texas court has a full picture of the pain and suffering a person has experienced, a basic multiplier is used to come up with a monetary value. The court decides on the appropriate multiplier given the details of the case, with a multiplier of one representing the least amount of pain and suffering and five representing the most. 

That means if your personal injury case is worth $20,000 in specific damages and the court assigns a multiplier of five, your damages for pain and suffering will be $100,000.

Our Car Accident Attorneys Can Help You Recover Damages for Pain and Suffering

Our experienced car accident lawyers at SJ Injury Attorneys can help you pursue the appropriate amount in damages for pain and suffering. We have the expertise and knowledge necessary to help you document the full impact of an injury on your life and fight for the best result in court. If you have been injured in the Houston Metro area and need legal assistance, contact us for a free consultation.