Expert Witnesses for Non-Subscriber Injury Cases in HoustonIf your employer has opted out of the workers’ compensation benefits program, you may have to take them to court if you are injured on the job. When you work for a non-subscriber employer (employers who do not participate in the Texas workers’ comp system), you have to prove that your employer’s negligence led to your injuries and expert witnesses can play a major role in non-subscriber injury cases in Houston.

The good news is that under Texas law, you only have to demonstrate that your employer was one percent responsible for your injuries in order to pursue 100 percent compensation. The bad news is that it is not always easy to prove that your employer was negligent.

And that’s why expert witnesses can be essential to your non-subscriber injury cases in Houston.

Hiring an Expert Witness Can Improve Your Chances in Non-Subscriber Injury Cases in Houston

Expert witnesses are different from the kind of witness who saw the accident happen. Expert witnesses have experience and knowledge related to workplace accidents and can provide clear explanations regarding the nature of the accident itself, the injuries you sustained, the likely losses you may experience due to ongoing disability, and issues of liability.

There are a variety of expert witnesses who might be helpful in your non-subscriber injury cases in Houston. They include the following:

  • Accident reconstruction experts. These experts are in the business of recreating/reenacting the events and circumstances that led to the accident and your injuries. This reenactment can be a useful tool for demonstrating negligence.
  • Medical experts. Witnesses with medical expertise can link your injuries to the accident in question as well as describe ongoing medical needs and the long-term prognosis for your recovery.
  • Occupational experts. These witnesses can testify about your limitations following an accident to give a clear sense of what you can and cannot do in the aftermath of your injuries.
  • Economic experts. It is important to clarify the impact of lost wages and benefits as well as other financial losses that might result from your injury. Economic experts can do this.
  • Technical experts. Including workplace safety/health experts, engineers of various kinds, and biomechanical experts, these witnesses can provide valuable information. Depending on the circumstances, technical expertise may be necessary to demonstrate your employer’s negligence.

We Know Non-Subscriber Workplace Injury Law

The personal injury lawyers at SJ Injury Attorneys have the expertise necessary to vigorously pursue compensation on your behalf if you have been injured while working for a non-subscriber employer. We also know when it is time to call in other experts to help us make the case so that you are fairly compensated. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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