Houston car crash attorney for broken bonesYou have heard the old children’s chant about sticks and stones breaking your bones. Here is another thing that can be quite effective in resulting in broken bones: car accidents.

Nearly every bone you can name is at risk of being broken in a collision. You could experience, for example, breaks in your fingers, hands, arms, toes, feet, and/or leg. Your collar bone could be broken, as could your ribs, sternum, hips, and/or the various bones in your face. Any and all of those breaks will be painful and will take significant time to heal. In some cases, the broken bones may lead to other internal injuries as well. So any broken bone is a serious issue.

But there are a few bones that up the ante in terms of the potential long-term impacts that may occur if they are broken. And our Houston car accident attorney can help you collect the compensation you deserve.

The Worst of Bad Breaks: Neck, Back & Skull Fractures

If the bones in your neck or back are broken in a car accident, you are at significant risk for spinal cord injuries. Damage to the spinal cord can lead to catastrophic outcomes, including a persistent sense of numbness in various areas of the body, the loss of some degree of motor function, and partial or full paralysis.

As devastating as a spinal cord injury can be, you may be at even greater risk of catastrophic consequences if you suffer a skull fracture. That’s because a break in your skull leaves your brain vulnerable—and that can result in traumatic brain injuries that cause irreparable harm. Among the dangers is the possibility that fragments of your broken skull will cause direct damage to the brain. When these injuries occur, compensation values skyrocket, and our Houston car crash attorney can help you recover a fair settlement.

No Matter Their Severity, Broken Bones Cause Problems

The truth of the matter is that any broken bone suffered in a car accident can be problematic. You will have medical and possibly rehabilitation expenses. You may miss work either due to the need for ongoing medical attention or because the broken bone (or bones) prevents you from doing your job. You will likely experience pain and suffering as well as emotional distress.

While broken bones are always bad news, there is a bit of good news, too: An experienced Housotn car crash attorney can make sure you are appropriately compensated for your injuries.

You Need a Houston Car Crash Attorney to Look Out for Your Interests

After a car crash, there is a good chance that an insurance company will quickly offer you a settlement. That might seem like a great thing. After all, you probably have some immediate expenses to cover, and surely a quick settlement is better than having to wait for the money to come in, right?

Well, unfortunately, probably not.

Insurance companies are motivated to limit the amount they have to pay out, and as a result, they often make quick, lowball offers in the hope that you will accept and save them money in the long run.

So there are two important lessons here: Don’t accept a hastily offered settlement, and do hire an experienced Houston car crash attorney to represent your interests and pursue appropriate compensation that takes into account the full and ongoing consequences of the accident and the broken bones that resulted from it.

Sticks and Stones and Car Accidents May Break Your Bones, but Our Legal Team Can Help

If you have been injured in a car accident, your first priority should be getting the medical attention you need to ensure you get on a path to a full recovery. Your second priority should be to hire an experienced Houston car crash attorney.

At SJ Injury Attorneys, we have the experience, expertise, and determination necessary to make sure that no insurance company can take advantage of you and deprive you of a fair settlement. We will investigate the accident and vigorously pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact us right away so that we can discuss your case and get to work on your behalf.