insurance companies try to avoid large payoutsWe like to think that insurance companies are on the side of the people who make claims. After all, that’s the whole point of insurance. You pay into an insurance company to make sure it will be there for you during difficult circumstances. And if you watch commercials for insurance companies—complete with their talking animals, catchy jingles, and regular fellas in khakis—it’s easy to conclude that these companies must be eager to cover your claims when the need arises.

But that’s not entirely true.

The Insurance Company Motto: Bring in as Much as Possible, Pay Out as Little as Possible

It is important to remember that an insurance company is a business—not a nonprofit or a government agency or anything of the sort. And as a business, they have the same fundamental goal as any for-profit business: to make money.

As a result, it is in an insurance company’s interest to bring in as much as possible in premiums (your monthly insurance bill) and pay out as little as possible in compensation. There are a couple of ways to minimize the amount of money an insurance company pays out. First, they can deny a claim outright, maintaining that a policy doesn’t cover the damages in question. Alternately, the company can make you a lowball offer (without, of course, admitting that it is any such thing) in the hope that you will take it and save the company the dollars they didn’t offer you.

When an insurance company denies or lowballs a claim, they are counting on the notion that you don’t really have the time or resources to challenge them. But of course, you do have options—including hiring an attorney to represent your interests.

Our Houston Accident Attorneys Will Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

The Houston accident attorneys of SJ Injury Attorneys are skilled negotiators and will not let an insurance company get away with offering you an unfair amount of compensation. If you have been injured, you need someone on your side right away. Contact us today so we can get to work pursuing a fair personal injury settlement on your behalf.