semi-truck on Texas roadIf you are in an accident involving a commercial truck, it is important to remember that this is a much different situation than a collision between two cars.

Chief among these differences is the question of liability. The driver of the truck may be at fault. But it may also be the case that the trucker’s employer has ignored important regulations concerning vehicle maintenance, length of driver shifts, and more.

Another key difference is that trucking companies are required to maintain significant amounts in liability insurance, which means they are more than able to provide a fair settlement. But to get that fair settlement, you’ll need two things: evidence and a lawyer.

Move Quickly to Secure Evidence

If you are able, you will want to take pictures of the accident scene, talk with witnesses, and ensure that the police are making a full report. Other helpful evidence can include maintenance logs for the truck in question, shift logs, and “black box” data.

However, it can be very hard for an individual to ensure that the trucking and insurance companies preserve and protect evidence. That’s where your lawyer comes in.

Lawyers Investigate, Negotiate, and Litigate

Your personal injury attorney will fully investigate the crash—and insist that all evidence is preserved and made available to you. The investigation will allow them to identify the correct defendant(s). Then, they will negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you are not stuck with a lowball offer. And, if necessary, they will argue on your behalf in court to make sure you are properly compensated.

We Will Pursue Fair Compensation After a Truck Crash

If you were seriously injured in a crash with a commercial semi-truck, don’t try to handle the case on your own. The lawyers of SJ Injury Attorneys won’t let a trucking company or an insurance company shortchange you after an accident. If you have been hurt in an accident involving a truck, contact us right away to discuss your case.