Texas Defective Truck Accident As you might expect, driver error is the most common cause of accidents involving commercial trucks. But it is not the only cause. Sometimes a Texas truck accident may be a result of a defective truck itself — a defect that originated in the manufacturing process or a defect that is the result of a failure to maintain the truck properly over time.

If you are hurt in an accident involving a commercial truck, our skilled Pasadena TX truck accident lawyer can help ensure you are fairly compensated. Part of that process involves identifying the cause of the accident.

A Range of Things Can Go Wrong on a Truck

Semi-trucks are, like all vehicles, complex machines with many, many parts. Problems can arise if there are defects in any of those parts. Some of the most common defects that can lead to truck accidents in Texas include:

  • Tire failure or defective wheels
  • Defective steering systems
  • Poorly located or defective fuel systems
  • Defective trailer couplings
  • Defective cargo restraints leading to unbalanced loads
  • Ineffective lights and/or reflectors
  • Issues with the catalytic converter system

Who Is Responsible When a Defective Truck Causes a Crash?

One of the most important questions that must be answered after a crash involving a truck with defects in one or more of its key parts is who is responsible for the defect. 

In some cases, the answer may be the manufacturer of the truck. Perhaps there is a flaw in the design or in the building process that has led to failures in the truck.

In other cases, however, the responsibility may lie with the driver, the company owner, or the maintenance team charged with keeping the truck in good repair.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association requires drivers of commercial vehicles to do an inspection of the truck before they start driving each day. These inspections are intended to find potential problems before they cause an accident.

The question of liability can take a number of paths:

  • Did the driver conduct the daily inspection? If not, the driver may be the responsible party.
  • Did the driver report a problem the company failed to correct? If so, the company may be the responsible party.
  • Did the company send the truck for repairs that were then mishandled? If so, the mechanic may be the responsible party.

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