Texas statute of limitations for truck accidentsFiling a Truck Accident Lawsuit

If you have been hurt in a truck accident — or if a loved one has been tragically killed in such an accident — your focus is probably not on filing a lawsuit. When you have been hurt, your focus may quite rightly be on your recovery. You want to get back to day-to-day life, after all, and do so as pain-free as possible our Houston truck accident lawyer adds.

And if a loved one has perished in a crash, you may be consumed by grief and the necessary arrangements and duties that must be completed after someone has passed away. In either case, it is completely understandable that a lawsuit isn’t your first priority, which is why there is a specific Texas statute of limitations for truck accidents.

In Texas, the law gives you some time to talk to a personal injury attorney and file a suit to collect damages from the responsible party. But it isn’t an unlimited amount of time. Here’s what you need to know.

The Texas Statute of Limitations for Truck Accidents Is Two Years

For all personal injury cases in Texas, there are laws and rules that apply. As a general rule, the statute of limitations in Texas is two years after a truck accident resulting in injuries or death to file a lawsuit. The reason for this limitation is to ensure that a case is settled while the evidence that needs to be considered is at least reasonably fresh. Further, it is unreasonable to count on the memories of witnesses after an extended period of time. For these very same reasons, it is not a great idea to wait until the very end of the two-year statute of limitations period to contact a personal injury attorney. To ensure you are properly compensated, it is better to act sooner rather than later.