lawyer for non-subscriber workplace accidentsAmong the many possible ramifications of a work injury is the possibility of significant scarring. Prominent scars can have a number of negative impacts on your life. As a result, you should be compensated when a workplace incident leads to scarring. If your employer does not offer workers' compensation, which is quite common in Texas, you will need a lawyer for non-subscriber workplace accidents to make sure you are treated fairly.

Impacts of Scarring

A scar that results in a significant change in your appearance can be problematic in a number of ways. People — including potential employers — tend to be uncomfortable around those with major scarring, and so your job prospects may be curtailed. For the same reason, you may find that some of the important relationships in your life undergo a negative change after you have been scarred.

You may also suffer negative impacts on your emotional wellbeing and mental health. A scar can make you feel self-conscious, anxious, depressed, and/or angry. You may find that activities you once enjoyed are no longer pleasurable — either because your injury prevents your participation or because your scar has made you too uncomfortable to take part.

Non-Subscriber Employers Often Must Be Sued

In Texas, an employer can opt-out of the workers’ compensation system. That doesn’t mean they cannot be held responsible for injuries their workers sustain on the job, but it does mean that you need a lawyer to investigate what  happened and to negotiate with your workplace’s insurance company—and if necessary, to take your company to court.

If you don’t have a lawyer for non-subscriber workplace accidents, the insurance company may tempt you with a lowball offer that does not fairly compensate you for your injuries and their aftermath. So after suffering an injury while at works, hiring an lawyer for non-subscriber workplace accidents should be a high priority.

If You Have Been Scarred at Work, Our Lawyer for Non-Subscriber Workplace Accidents Can Help

While SJ Injury Attorneys does not handle workers’ comp cases, if you have been scarred in a workplace accident and your company is a non-subscriber employer, we are ready and able to fight for you. Your employer and their insurance company may try to offer you far less than a fair settlement. Don’t stand for it. Instead, contact us today for a free consultation with our lawyer for non-subscriber workplace accidents.