common truck accident defenses to avoid

If you are hurt in an accident that involves a commercial truck, it is important to keep in mind that the trucking company is almost certainly going to try to minimize any damages they owe you.

One strategy for doing that may be to offer you a quick settlement in the hope that you will accept and not pursue significantly more compensation related to your injuries with the help of an experienced Houston metro truck accident attorney. Failing that, the trucking company will likely mount one of a number of possible defenses to convince a court that the accident wasn’t the truck driver’s fault or the trucking company’s responsibility.

5 Common Truck Accident Defenses: What a Trucking Company Might Argue

What tactics might a trucking company use to avoid being held responsible for an accident? There are a number of options. Here are 5 of the most common truck accident defenses:

  • The accident was your fault. This is perhaps the most obvious defense. If the trucking company can demonstrate that you were responsible for the accident—or at least partially responsible—they can limit or eliminate what you can seek in damages.
  • The accident was no one’s fault. The trucking company may argue that the accident was unavoidable or the result of an honest mistake. This strategy can protect the company from having to pay damages for negligence.
  • The accident was someone else’s fault. Demonstrating that a third party not related to the trucking company was to blame for the accident is a possible defense, particularly if multiple vehicles were involved.
  • You are exaggerating. The defense will argue that you have overestimated the extent of the damages you have suffered and are therefore not entitled to that full amount.
  • You don’t have any evidence. This defense is related to the last one. The trucking company will be eager to demonstrate that you cannot prove the extent of your injuries or the extent of your lost wages. This is why thorough recordkeeping is important to your case.

On Offense: Your Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Can Counter These Arguments

Fortunately, a trucking company cannot simply make one of the claims above and wipe your case away. An experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney can argue on your behalf. Your truck accident lawyer will be just as diligent as the team on the other side, which means you will be able to demonstrate who was truly at fault in the accident—and why you are entitled to collect compensation.

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