Houston car accident lawyers for whiplash compensationWhiplash is an extremely common injury that people sustain in car accidents — especially in rear-end collisions. But oftentimes, symptoms aren’t obvious right away, and that can cause a person to ignore the injury. That can have significant medical impacts down the road.

Ignoring injury pain to the neck can also mean that you won’t collect the whiplash compensation you are entitled to after you are injured in a car crash. Our Pasadena Texas car accident lawyer is here to make sure that doesn't happen.

Before we dive into how our Houston car accident lawyers can help, let's first gain a better understanding of what whiplash is.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash occurs when your neck is subjected to significant back-and-forth forces. A rear-end collision, for example, can push your head forward with quite a bit of force; then, your head snaps back. This can cause damage to the tissues in the neck and head areas as well as to the bone structure of the area.

Those suffering from whiplash may not notice symptoms right away, but once they do, they can face a variety of costs related to medical care, lost productivity (or time off from work leading to lost wages), or even ongoing disability.

In Most Cases, You Are Entitled to Whiplash Compensation

Any injuries you sustain in a car accident caused by another driver entitled you to compensation. Whiplash is no different. You can collect damages related to your medical expenses as well as money to cover your lost wages and/or benefits.

Your Houston car accident lawyers may also be able to help you collect non-economic damages, including compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced as a result of your injury.

Houston Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Protect Your Settlement

Insurance companies may try to argue that your whiplash is unrelated to the accident in question — or even that you don’t have whiplash at all. The delay in the onset of symptoms can provide an opportunity to try this unscrupulous argument. Our experienced car accident lawyers in Houston can help you acquire and present proof of your injury and then argue vigorously for fair whiplash compensation.