weather-related car wrecks in pasadenaNearly 50,000,000 people are injured in car accidents worldwide every year. Nearly 1.5 million people are killed in those accidents. In the United States, approximately 600 people are killed in automobile crashes every month. Car wrecks in Pasadena, TX, are frighteningly common — and they're far more likely to happen in bad weather.

Leading Cause of Weather-Related Car Wrecks in Pasadena

One of the leading causes of weather-related car wrecks in Pasadena, TX — and all over the world for that matter — are wet roads. It may seem obvious that wet roads can be dangerous, but it is more than water that can cause a car to slip right off the road. Many roads absorb oil that leaks from cars as they drive by. When it rains, those asphalt roads tend to cool and the oil resurfaces creating unexpected patches of extra-slippery road. These are particularly dangerous to travelers, and drivers should keep an eye out for dark patches on wet asphalt.

Low Visibility

Rain can, of course, make seeing through a windshield more difficult — and even when rain is relatively light and does not directly obstruct the drivers' line of sight, it can still pool and drain along sides of the road only to be flung back at drivers as they follow behind larger vehicles. It is these sudden and unexpected encounters with wet windshields that often cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

Being aware of road conditions is an absolute must for anyone traveling Pasadena's roads, highways, and surface streets. We can be easily lulled into a state of complacency around our driving as we pass along the same streets day after day. This complacency is dangerous and can dull our situational awareness and reaction timing.

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