Exercising proper road safety is essential to avoid the dangers of a parking lot collision with other cars or pedestrians. Unfortunately, it's easy to overlook the importance of parking lot safety, especially with the busy holiday shopping season approaching. Carelessness and a false sense of security when walking or driving in a parking lot lead to tens of thousands of accidents each year. Many minor accidents in parking lots go unreported, so the figures are more conservative than the harsh reality of the dangers shoppers could face this year. Our Houston auto accident attorney explains more.

Parking Lot Safety Tips to Follow This Holiday SeasonTexas Driver Distraction Statistics

Drivers often wait to make phone calls until they feel safe in a parking lot, with most occurring before their vehicles are safely parked. More than 55% of the individuals polled by the National Safety Council admit that they are likely to text while driving in a parking lot. Other interesting figures from the poll indicate that:

  • 66% would make a phone call
  • 52% would use social media
  • 50% would check or send an email

Many adults admit that they are likely to program their GPS or take photos while driving in a parking lot. Teens are more likely than adults to start texting while behind the wheel, but they aren't as likely to make a call.

Parking Lot Safety: Alertness Is Essential

Drivers and pedestrians alike must pay attention to their surroundings at all times in parking lots, especially during the holidays. Driving at a moderate speed and observing crosswalks are helpful.

However, our Texas car wreck lawyers encourage using these additional safety tips to help decrease your chances of being in an accident this year:

Parking Lot Safety Tips for Drivers:

  • Never cut across parking lots by staying within designated lanes
  • Use turn signals, always be ready to yield, and obey every stop sign
  • Back out of spaces slowly and watch for pedestrians in blind spots
  • Always stop at crosswalks
  • Stay alert for small children

Parking Lot Safety Tips for Pedestrians:

  • Hesitate before entering a crosswalk
  • Stay close to children that may be difficult for drivers to spot
  • Pay attention to the actions of any nearby drivers who may be distracted

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