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Texas car accident statsAs one of the biggest states in the country, thousands of people utilize Texas roads every day. With so many people on the road, safety can become a concern. Here, our personal injury lawyers discuss some surprising facts about Texas car accident stats that everyone driving through the state should know.

Texas Car Accident Stats You Should Know

  1. There are about 17,370,000 licensed drivers in the state of Texas. That's second only to California, which has more than 27 million.
  2. In 2018, Texas drivers traveled a total of 282.037 billion miles. That's a notable increase from the 272.989 billion miles traveled in 2017. Even with that many miles being driven on Texas roads, there was still a decrease in the total number of motor vehicle accident fatalities: 3,639 in 2018 versus 3,727 in 2017. (See more: Wrongful Death)
  3. Despite the decrease in fatalities, 249,241 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents. An analysis by the Houston Chronicle listed Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston as three of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the United States for drivers. Injuries resulting from car accidents can cause pain and suffering as well as considerable financial burden resulting from medical bills and lost wages. (See more: Car Accident Claims)
  4. Unfortunately, many of the motor vehicle accidents on Texas roadways are caused by drivers who are impaired or intoxicated. On average, there is an alcohol-related death on Texas roadways about every 20 minutes. That's why the penalties for driving under the influence in Texas are so steep and can include a fine of up to $2,000, up to 180 days in jail, and/or suspension of your driver license for up to two years.

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