When accidents occur, the types and severity of injuries may be varied, but they have one important thing in common: an injured worker may be entitled to compensation from their employer. The process for acquiring that compensation will depend on the situation. Before we explore compensation, however, let’s take a look at some of the common types of injuries employees may suffer in a plant or refinery setting.

Common Texas Plant & Refinery Accidents That Occur

The physical and often complicated labor required at plants and refineries provides plenty of opportunities for injuries. An employee could be hurt in a fall, whether they slip while on the ground or tumble from an elevated platform, or from the scaffolding that was not properly set up. They could be hurt if there is a toxic chemical spill, a fire, or an explosion. Or they could be hurt while loading or unloading equipment or by heavy equipment that malfunctions.

Whatever the specific cause of the accident, the resulting injuries can be quite severe. Some possible injuries include:

  • Burns, disfiguring cuts, and/or broken bones
  • Hearing loss or lung damage related to smoke inhalation
  • Damage to organs or nerves
  • The amputation of a limb
  • A traumatic brain or spinal cord injury

Any of these injuries have the potential to have long-term impacts on your life and career. And so it is only fitting that you should be fairly compensated if you suffer one of these injuries—or any other injury—while on the job.

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