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SJ Injury Attorneys​ serves Sugarland, Texas and the surrounding communities with first-class, dedicated legal services. If you have been injured in an accident or because of another’s negligence, we do everything in our power to financial as well as emotional recovery for victims.

Our Sugarland personal injury attorney puts your needs first, never taking shortcuts or offering cookie-cutter solutions to aid your efforts. Call us at (713) 581-9042 to request your free case consultation.

We Know Personal Injury Laws

There is no case too small or large to handle. We know every aspect of personal injury laws and know when it is time to settle cases or bring them to court in a lawsuit. While every situation will be different from the next—a car accident, as an example, is an entirely different form of negligence than an accident or injury due to a defective product—we offer a unique perspective and firm legal support to help our clients reach our goals.

We can represent those who were harmed in any of the following cases:

When it comes to injury cases, most of the time you will not be discussing the legal processes with the person caused your injury. Father, you will be working directly with insurance companies. These companies only look out for their best interests—their focus is not to compensate you adequately but to protect themselves from paying more than the bare minimum.

Get a Dedicated Lawyer on Your Side!

Attorney Chris Soileau is a Sugarland personal injury lawyer who knows how to work with insurance companies and negotiate on his clients’ behalf. He has been dedicated to advocating for the rights of injury victims for his entire career. He strives to settle cases to your satisfaction—or bring it to court if necessary to ensure your justice.

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