Zealously Advocating for Victims of Abuse & Neglect

When incidents of nursing home abuse or neglect occur, it can be devastating. Loved ones placed are into nursing homes with the expectation that they will be taken care of, not mistreated. Finding out that such negligent actions have resulted in suffering and pain for an elderly loved one can be frustrating, overwhelming, and confusing. That is why you need our Clear Lake nursing home abuse attorney to step in on your behalf and advocate for your rights.

With nearly a decade of legal experience and 12 years of nursing experience, our Houston metro personal injury attorneys at SJ Injury know how to take on these types of cases and craft compelling claims on behalf of injury victims. Trust your case to our compassionate firm today!

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Identifying Incidents of Nursing Home Abuse

Unfortunately, nursing home negligence occurs much more often than people like to believe. Whether a facility is understaffed or simply fails to train or screen employees thoroughly, it can result in serious issues of abuse and neglect. From bedsores and other injuries to malnutrition and dehydration, your loved one may have suffered painful damages due to these individuals.

Look for these signs if you believe they may be a victim of abuse or neglect:

  • Sudden and drastic change in health
  • Unexplained illnesses, bruises, or injuries
  • Gaunt appearance or extreme loss of weight
  • Fear or withdrawal whenever you visit or when aids are around
  • Newly onset depression or emotional behavior

These issues may be tied to medical malpractice, personal injury, or even wrongful death in some incidents. The abuse or neglect may come from any individual, including doctors, nurses, medical staff, aids, or even other residents. Regardless of who is responsible, it is crucial that they are held accountable for the sake of your loved one.

Get Our Dedicated Legal Team on Your Side

Nursing home abuse or neglect can be difficult issues to resolve. You will need to effectively prove that an individual cause such injuries and suffering to your loved one, which can require medical reports, testimonials, and other supporting evidence. The good news is that our firm knows how to gather all of these facts and can craft them into a strong and incisive claim for your loved one.

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