It’s long been said that a dog is man’s best friend. While there may be some truth to that, dogs are also capable of inflicting serious, life-threatening wounds. If you’ve been seriously hurt by a dog, you have a right to pursue fair compensation for your injuries.

The injuries you suffer in a dog attack can be life-altering, and the medical expenses incurred as a result can haunt you for years after. At SJ Injury Attorneys, our Houston dog bite lawyer is dedicated to helping injury victims. Prior to practicing law, Attorney Soileau spent over a decade as a medical professional, giving him a unique understanding of what you’re going through.

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What Are the Most Dangerous Breeds?

Certain dog breeds have a bad reputation for being particularly aggressive. In reality, any dog can be aggressive and territorial, but not all breeds are capable of causing serious injury. Based on both accident statistics, and on their potential to cause life-threatening injuries, the most dangerous breeds include:

  • Pit bull
  • Rottweiler
  • German Shepherd

Texas does not have any statewide breed-specific laws, but some jurisdictions do restrict the ownership of certain breeds like pit bulls. While these dogs can be particularly dangerous, even smaller dogs can cause serious injuries.

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Who is Liable for Your Injuries?

In Texas, you are only able to recover damages from the owner of the dog if they knew or had reason to believe that the dog was potentially dangerous. While previous bites or attacks are obviously an indicator of future danger, the following can also be indicators of potential danger:

  • Barking, growling, or snapping at strangers
  • Fighting with other dogs
  • Any fight training
  • Prior complaints about the dog

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There’s a reason dogs are used for police and military applications – they are tough, and they can be dangerous. If you’ve suffered injuries from a dog bite, call SJ Injury Attorneys today. Our skilled Houston dog bite attorney has successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, helping them pay medical bills and move on with their lives.

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