young man in pain rubbing injured eyeWe rely on our eyesight for so many things—and we sometimes forget just how fragile our eyes are. But the truth is that eye injuries can and do occur in the workplace. When they do, you should be properly compensated.

Causes of Vision Loss in the Workplace

Perhaps the most common cause of vision loss in the workplace is debris that finds its way into a person’s eye or eyes. The debris might be metal, glass, wood, or some other material that has become airborne and comes in contact with the eyes. Long-term exposure to harmful chemicals or poor lighting conditions can also impact your vision. So too can head injuries suffered at work from a fall, collision, or another kind of impact.

The Process to Follow After a Workplace Accident

If you have suffered vision loss in a workplace accident and you work for a non-subscriber employer, you need to complete the same steps you would complete for any other workplace injury (and avoid mistakes that can weaken your case):

  • Report your injuries to your employer immediately.
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer without delay.
  • Make sure you keep all of your medical and rehabilitation appointments—and follow all recommendations your doctors make.
  • Compile a list of everyone who witnessed the accident and write down any and all details you can remember.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Your employer and their insurance company will be motivated to keep the cost of compensating you for your injuries as low as possible. That is why it is essential to hire a personal injury attorney right away. Your lawyer will be able to negotiate a fair settlement—or represent you in court if that becomes necessary.

Contact SJ Injury Attorneys Right Away

If you work for a non-subscriber employer, SJ Injury Attorneys is ready to represent you after a workplace accident. We are skilled and experienced negotiators, and that means we can make sure an insurance company does not try to pressure you into accepting a lowball offer. Instead, we will fight for fair compensation. Contact us today to discuss your personal injury case.

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