speeding truck driver in HoustonSpeeding is always dangerous — no matter what sort of vehicle you may be driving. Ignoring the speed limit makes it more likely that you will be in an accident and that the accident will be serious. This is true even if you are driving the most compact of compact cars. But if you are driving a semi-truck, the dangers related to speeding are magnified. Any crash involving a speeding truck driver in Houston in a vehicle of such an enormous size is likely to be catastrophic.

Most — if not all — truckers are likely aware of these dangers. And yet, many truckers feel pressured to speed anyway. That might be because their employer sets difficult-to-meet standards for delivery times. Or it might be because they want to get home as soon as possible because they are so often away from their families. Or it may just be the case that a trucker gets in the habit of speeding and stops thinking about the dangers.

But those dangers are plentiful. And if a speeding truck driver in Houston leads to an accident in which you are hurt, you need an Pasadena TX truck accident lawyer.

High Speeds Bring High Risks

Higher speeds mean longer stopping distances. And that means that a trucker faced with an obstacle in front of them — like a stalled car, for example — will have difficulty stopping before they collide with whatever is in front of them.

If the road is wet or icy, a truck traveling at high speeds is at greater risk of hydroplaning — a situation in which the truck’s tires lose their grip on the road, sending the truck out of control. Even without rain, snow, or ice on the road, a trucker can lose control at high speeds, causing the vehicle to jackknife, which can easily lead to a multi-vehicle accident.

Curves in the road are more difficult to navigate at higher speeds as well. And this situation can be made worse if traversing the curves causes the truck’s load to shift. In these cases, the truck is in danger of tipping over — possibly onto other vehicles.

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