Thousands of Americans are killed or injured every year by defective or dangerous products. The victims directly involved in these cases and others who may be indirectly involved will probably need financial assistance to compensate for their losses, but they will also require proper legal representation to ensure that they are treated fairly. Victims who are residents of Pasadena or the general Houston area can find this type of assistance from SJ Injury Attorneys.

Understanding Product Liability

The products we use on a daily basis can add to the comfort and convenience of our lives. Products that do not function properly or completely fail can cause us harm in the form of external or internal injuries. These are a few of the products that can harm their users:

  • Foods and beverages
  • Appliances
  • Toys
  • Cosmetics
  • Drugs and medical devices

In Texas, the three principal types of product liability claims involve product design, manufacture, and marketing. Some products may have been designed so poorly that they should never have reached the market. Alternatively, products that are of sound design may not have been assembled properly, leading to hazardous situations when used. In some cases, those who package or market products may not have provided adequate instructions on their use or failed to warn of potential hazards if not used properly. Responsibility for the harm of a user may fall on one or more of these parties.

Taking Legal Action

Financial compensation may be sought through the civil court system to cover medical expenses or lost wages. They can also be sought by the families of those killed. However, the awarding of damages should not be taken for granted. Product liability cases have to be filed within the statute of limitations to guarantee that they will be heard. In cases of strict liability, where obvious negligence was not a factor, the suing party will have to prove that the product was indeed hazardous and that the hazard directly caused his or her injury.

In the system of comparative fault found in the laws of Texas, the actions of the injured party could partially or completely absolve the party being sued, reducing the damages awarded to little or nothing. A Pasadena product liability attorney can serve as an advocate for the victims and seek the most favorable outcome in cases of product liability.

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