4 Common Myths About Houston Truck AccidentsSometimes, we have pieces of information in our heads that we are confident are true. For example, it is generally believed you should wait an hour after eating before you go swimming. Also, there is a common belief that sitting too close to the TV damages your eyes. Neither of those things is true. Similarly, you may have some ideas about truck accidents that seem like they must be true—but aren't. Here, our Pasadena TX auto accident lawyer debunks 4 common myths about Houston truck accidents.

4 Common Myths About Houston Truck Accidents

Myth One: Truck Accidents Are Uncommon

Reality: Truck accidents are quite common—and motorists in other vehicles are likely to be the most seriously injured. In fact, around 130,000 people are injured, and an average of 4,000 are killed each year in crashes involving semi-trucks in the U.S.

Myth Two: Truck Accidents Only Impact Vehicles Near the Truck

Reality: Trucks are enormous, and anything they do—including crash—has the potential to impact all nearby lanes of traffic. Being to the side or behind the truck in question does not guarantee you won't be caught up in the accident.

Myth Three: Only the Truck Driver Can Be Held Liable for an Accident

Reality: Many times, decisions made by the trucking company contribute to the likelihood of an accident. For example, a trucking company that ignores safety issues in their truck fleet is absolutely liable for any accidents directly related to poor truck maintenance.

Myth Four: The Insurance Company Will Do Right by You

Reality: Insurance companies have an interest in denying your claim outright or coming to you with a lowball offer they hope you will accept. Remember, the insurance company is in business to make money, and that sometimes means they don't treat claims and those who make them fairly.

The Need for a Houston Personal Injury Attorney Is No Myth

Now that you've put all these myths behind you, it's time to focus on an absolutely true story: If you have been injured in a truck accident, you need to hire a Houston personal injury attorney to represent your interests. Failing to do so can mean giving up on fair compensation for the full range of injuries and impacts you have experienced.

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